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Who would have thought on that when we walked out of Roslindale High School for the last time, looking forward to an exciting future, that we'd live long enough to see technology!
Here we are in the 21st century and Roslindale High School has its own website and every yearbook
beginning with the first graduating class of 1937 to the last class of 1976 has been digitized and are available here for you to see.

Technology is certainly an amazing concept!  Thank you all for making this project possible:


Hope you enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane! 

We would like to thank the following for loaning their yearbooks to us so that we could finish this project. They are:

Carol Axt Wood, Crystal Brokvist English, Bonita Cooper Michaelas, Marie Macomber, Elaine Ricci Stearns and Nancy Shamban.

Thank you!

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